Episode 2

By PDRMarketingMinute / November 2, 2016

On this week’s episode, Gene talks to us about websites. According to him, a website is the number one need when it comes to retail marketing. He goes on to discuss some vital tips on how to create a successful website.

At the top of the list is your domain name and Gene says it is important to get a ‘.com’ domain. Even if you can’t get one with your company name, you can always improvise and add your city name to it. It’s best to think outside the box but keep it relevant to your business. Another important tip is to have your website on a good hosting company which ensures that your website loads instantly.

Gene explains further that your website must be mobile responsive which means the web design is suitable for viewing on a computer, tablet, and a smartphone. He also advises listeners to find good local designers like he did with Nathan Pizzo, Dave Streen, and Tim Chase.

With regards to website content, Gene says you should have your phone number and call to action button should be on the top of the landing page. It should also be big, bold, and bright to grab people’s attention immediately. Next, he says you should have a lot of “before and after” pictures that show the damages and repairs clearly. There should be a contact form on the website which allows people to email you rather than text or call. You also should have a review page that displays your reviews on different websites such as Facebook, Yelp, Google, and PDR Nation. Lastly, Gene says you should have original content on your website rather than copy pasting it from the internet.

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