Episode 103

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 7, 2020

Why reviews matter

Reviews for your business are very important because the power of “word of mouth” has significantly dwindled over the years. Earlier, businesses were smaller and people trusted a few names only but today, people take to the online world to share their opinions about a business.
According to me, it’s not more “Word of Mouth” but “Word of Mouse”.

Reviews really matter in any business, especially in something like PDR where word of mouth helps you gain more customers. If you don’t use reviews, you will not be as successful as you might want to be.
Earlier in the episode, I called myself the Picasso of dent repair, and while that might sound pompous, it was simply a review left for me by one of my customers on Facebook. After a repair, he left a review and called me the “Picasso of dent repair”. I have used that review for so many things and shows everyone the importance of a good review.
One of the best things about reviews is that it comes from a third party which gives it instant believability. When you want to close a customer, you can use your reviews to your advantage by telling the customer to visit your website and check the reviews left by previous customers. When you have good reviews on your website, you don’t have to sell your business to the customer. More often than not, they will come to you saying, “you’re my guy and I want you to work on my car”.
Another thing you can do to boost your business is by sharing your reviews on your social media pages like Facebook or Instagram. You can also get help with getting reviews by signing up for free at PDRMarketingMinute.com – all you have to do is share your email address.

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