Episode 107

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 11, 2020

Here’s another special interview episode. In today’s show I have Dave Streen from Edgy Tools. Dave is also co-presenting with me and Kip at the Mind Your Business Seminar. Dave has been a pdr tech for a long time and prior to becoming a pdr tech he was an efficiency expert in the car wash industry. Coming into the pdr space Dave brought a lot of his efficiency techniques along, in fact I have heard from multiple technicians how quick and clean Dave can get through a car. These are some of the things Dave will be sharing at the Mind Your Business Seminar. All around MTE week Dave is having seminars. From an olympic dent class with ┼Żan to a retail location seminar with Don Kavanagh. You can find out all about his seminars at https://dentrepair.com/events/

This episode was brought to you by Gene, Dave, and Kip who are hosting the 2nd Mind Your Business Seminar in Orlando on February 3rd 2020 at Inventure Tools. Sign Up here before the seats are all gone.

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A weekly short style podcast to give you quick tips to improve your paintless dent repair "PDR" business.