Episode 111

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 15, 2020

Facebook strategies for 2020

On top of everything else, your business needs to be on Facebook. Why? Because everyone is on Facebook – including your existing and potential customers. Probably one of the first things people do is check Facebook for news and other content so if you’re on there, they are looking at you and your business.

Next, you need to have a business listing on Facebook and not just a personal account. A Facebook Page is for your business and a Facebook Profile is for your personal use – there is a difference. Although previously it was essential that you posted anywhere between 3 to 5 pieces of content daily to get organic reach, Facebook’s algorithms have changed and now, even 1 post a month is enough to let your customers know that you are still in business and working.

More than anything else, you can use Facebook to get reviews from customers. Even though Google is number 1 when it comes to reviews, Facebook is a decent second place. Facebook holds a lot of SEO value which is perfect for getting reviews and it shows up in Google Search results.

Another good way to market your business on Facebook is through videos. It is better to upload directly to Facebook rather than sharing a YouTube link because an uploaded video will play automatically. What you can do is change the outro to the videos you upload on Facebook by adding terms such as Like, Comment, and Share. This is something Facebook users are familiar with and can do so with ease.

Lastly, once you create a post on your Facebook page, link and share it through your personal account. This will help give the post more reach and your friends can share it out further to help get your business out there.

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