Episode 112

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 16, 2020

Yelp, the not so good, the bad, and the ugly!

The “Not So Good” part is that Yelp is one of the business listings you have to have. Yelp has one of the most powerful SEO services with Google which will help boost your business online. Unfortunately, in the PDR business, Yelp is more of a hindrance than a help.

Moving to the “Bad” part – Yelp has branded themselves as the best place to go for reviews. But, when a customer does leave a review through Yelp, their “algorithms” do not recommend it and do not use it on the website. One way to beat the system is to take a screenshot of the review before it gets taken down. You can then share the review on your website, Facebook, or other places.

Lastly, the “Ugly” part of Yelp is that they harass you for getting your advertising done through them. What makes it even worse is that their advertising is below par and their costs are way too high.

After spending $1,400 on Yelp ads, I couldn’t trace a single job back to those ads which is a complete and utter waste. One of the biggest reasons behind their failure is that they don’t really have a specific PDR or Dent Repair category and share the ads with anyone searching for automobile-related issues.

The only thing, if any, you can take from Yelp is that they have one of the best sales teams and you can learn a lot from spending a little time listening to them pitch. You can also ask them to put you on their Do Not Call list – if it works.

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