Episode 113

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 17, 2020

5 Things your website must have

1. The first thing you have to have on your website is a phone number which needs to be bold, big, and clickable.

2. Next, you must have a Call to Action button which tells people what they should do. “Fill out this form to get an estimate”, “Fill up this form for us to call you back”, or “Sign up here to get a free Review System” are just some examples.

3. Forms are also very important to have on your website. People usually don’t like calling or texting and filling out a form with their information is the best way to reach out to you. You can then call them back to take the conversation further.

4. You have to get all your reviews on your website. Reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, and PDR Nation should all be screenshot and pasted onto your website so that your customers can see them in one place. Following up on that, you should link out those reviews so people can either check the legitimacy of the review or they can leave a review directly through that.

5. Finally, your website must have a FAQ section but you need to add a twist to it. While you can have answers to normal questions, you should also incorporate some short video clips to help your customers find out some valuable information like how to check if their car hood is made from aluminum or steel or whether their windows are laminated or tempered. It is a great sales tool to draw in customers.

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