Episode 114

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 19, 2020

I’m looking for 3 people who use Mobile Tech RX that want more google reviews!

If you saw the title and said to yourself, “Yes, I do”, get back to me at PDRMarketingMinute@gmail.com and let me know that you use Mobile Tech RX and want more reviews.

I have a Google Business listing for my mobile business based out of my home and another listing for the shop. Unfortunately, since I created the shop listing second, I had zero reviews.

At around the 20-21 review mark, I read an article about how Google was changing how search results were shown, how important active business listings are, and how important reviews are and it all boils down to Google wants you to share. And within 24 hours, I had received over 40 5-star legitimate reviews on my business listing. What I  simply did was send out an email to my customers. I even tested it with other people and they saw an increase of 300 percent in their Google reviews by using my email.

Now, why do I need 3 people? I want to test it out one last time with people who are not in my circle and are randomly selected. So, if you have retail customers, have email addresses in Mobile Tech RX, are a good business owner that provides 5-star services to your customers, and are willing to take a bit of a risk, contact me at PDRMarketingMinute@gmail.com with the subject MTRX Google.

Let’s see if your Google Reviews increase with my email.

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