Episode 115

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 18, 2020

How to turn your price guide into a marketing tool

If you are stopping by at the Mobile Tech Expo, drop in at the Keco booth and we can talk shop. Speaking of which, Keco has the best products for glue pulling on the market – check it out.

Today, we talk about price guides as a marketing tool rather than a sales tool. All my price guides are laminated and have all the information my customers need on the front, including prices, contact information, and my logo. On the back, there is a black and yellow line board which they can use. It even has a built-in scale which helps in insurance claims and other dent related issues.

Getting a laminated price guide is extremely cheap and works as a sales tool for your customers as well as a marketing tool for you and your business. Till today, my price guides are being used in all the body shops that we have provided our services to which means my name is out there and customers can request for my help anytime they visit a body shop.

Price guides available at Nathan Pizzo www.Designwithenergy.com

This episode was brought to you by Chris and the team over at KecoTabs.com Make sure you check out their entire line of glue pulling products from the dead center finishing tabs to the large centipedes and super tabs.

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