Episode 116

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 20, 2020

Are your business cards on point?

Following up after yesterday’s episode which discussed price guides as a marketing tool, I was thinking about how business cards can help market your business. While working in Keco, I received a lot of underwhelming business cards.

With everything becoming more digitalized in businesses, people are forgetting how simple and important a business card really is. Those little pieces of paper can tell a customer a lot about you and your business.

I use Vistaprint to print my business cards and they are all made from extra heavy stock and is one of the first things people notice when I hand them my card. Then, rather than have the regular 90 degree corners, my cards have rounded edges. Finally, the ink used on my business cards is a raised UV ink and is used for my logo and badges.

These subtle differences make a big impact as soon as you hand your business cards over to people. And the best part about it is that they are relatively cheap – especially if you print in bulk. Business cards are probably the most affordable means of advertising and you should have no excuse for underwhelming business cards again.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can also get metal business cards, which are a lot more expensive, but say a lot more about how you value your business. You have to stand out from the rest and business cards are the best way to begin that change.

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