Episode 117

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 21, 2020

Why you need a guarantee in your business.

It’s been 4 good weeks of the daily show before MTE 2020 and hope your business is doing better for it.

Today’s episode is all about having a guarantee for your business so that it eliminates any type of risk. For my business, we offer 100 percent great service guarantee which ensures that our customers don’t pay if they are not satisfied with the services offered. Offering customers a potential free repair makes sales easier, especially for costlier repairs.

While the question about people taking advantage and ripping you off by saying they are not happy with the repair, even if it is absolutely perfect, is a big obstacle, I assure you that less than 1% of you customers will actually take you up on the offer.

The bottom line here is that you are not willing to take their money if they are not satisfied with the service. Another advantage that comes with this guarantee is that even if a customer isn’t happy, rather than have them leave a bad review, you just reimburse the unhappy customer, and they get a repair as well. But, always remember to have this guarantee in writing because it makes it legitimate and people can see that you’re willing to take a risk and that is what they want.

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