Episode 122

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 26, 2020

Outsourcing your social media.

While outsourcing your social media is a far more expensive route to take, it does wonders for your business – provided you find an excellent social media manager.

Jackie from DentProUpstate is one of the best in the business and she manages Shane’s social media and does a wonderful job with it.

Chelsea, who was a part of our team, was equally as impressive and managed our video production, Facebook posts, and Twitter. Her work was a little less formal, but delivers excellent results. She would also edit and upload our YouTube videos and would also write the descriptions for them. All we had to do was give her the content and she would do the rest – send her pictures, approve her headlines, and just discuss the schedule generally. It costs about $150-200/month for Facebook posts while the YouTube videos are less than $100 per video.

Lastly, I want to talk about my approach on Instagram and while I am not a regular user, my daughter is. So, to give her some work experience and let her make some pocket money, I let her manage my Instagram account completely. She is familiar with the platform and posts every 2 weeks which is a great way for DentRepairNow to represent on Instagram as well.

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