Episode 125

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 29, 2020

Part 3 of lessons learned opening a brick and mortar shop.

Recapping the last 2 episodes – we talked about the lease I got for my shop and how it could be for a year, two years, or for life – we just didn’t know. Now that the road construction has been confirmed, we will have to vacate the shop by August. In these two years, I learned a lot about having a shop and what I should or shouldn’t do next time around. Part 3 of this series will talk about my thought process moving forward.

Although it’s currently winter in Pittsburgh, we have had a surprisingly good amount of walk-ins. I learned that it takes about 2 years for people to start realizing that you’re there and we are just about reaching that timeline. Like we talked about in Part 1, the walk-in traffic was not great in the beginning, but it just started getting better.

If I do look for a comparable place, I expect to pay a 100-400 percent increase in rent. Location is very important but it isn’t the same as visibility so I am quietly confident that people will still search us out even if we are not directly in the sight of our potential customers.

The bottom line is I do not want to go back to my mobile business. I even started thinking about getting or custom making a rig for my business, but it cannot be compared to a brick and mortar shop. Freedom is one of the biggest attractions of this business and I am looking into starting an appointment-only shop. This allows me to go out or take leave without hiring a staff member to look after the shop.

With this business concept in mind, I will be able to pay the increased rent and double our ads and marketing budget while also making more money when compared to walk-ins – especially since it took almost 2 years to get things started in the shop.

We have just about 6 months to find a new shop and move things over so send us some good vibes and good wishes. Tomorrow, I will be speaking for KECO so stop by and we can talk shop.

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