Episode 126

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 30, 2020

Continuing education, and the kickoff of MTE 2020.

Day 37 of the show a day, every day and one of my favourite weeks in the year. I love exploring MTE and Orlando and meeting all you guys out there. It is, by far, my favorite events in the year. It’s Education Day today and I want to discuss education with you.

Are you using tips and tricks to make your repairs better? Are you bettering your glue pulling techniques and coming to MTE for more training? Education in the PDR business is vital to move forward – no matter what it is. Listening to this podcast is education. Attending seminars like the Mind Your Business seminar this Monday is education. It doesn’t matter what the topic or business, you need to get out there and educate yourself to become better at what you do.

You don’t need to be the master of everything. You can outsource your social media like we discussed. Like we also discussed, learn how to write ads and headlines. Cars are also continuously changing and you have to adapt your skills to match that so you’re never lagging behind.

What’s next on PDR Marketing Minute?

We’ll, I am not doing the daily show – that’s for sure. It takes a lot of work. However, we will be coming to you more than just once a week. Also, I will be offering courses – some free, some paid. All course will be on sales and marketing which will help you take your business to the next level. I will also be starting advanced training for PDR through the PDR Marketing Minute that will be held in the shop.

My New Year’s resolution, if any, is to give you more education on the subject of PDR, sales, and marketing. I am so excited about MTE 2020 as well as the Mind Your Business seminar on Monday at Inventure Tools. Come by and we can have a talk about whatever you want to know. Hope you have learned some stuff and implement them into your business to make your business more successful.

Enjoy Education Day and MTE 2020!

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