Episode 129

By PDRMarketingMinute / February 10, 2020

Today, I am coming to you from the Baltimore WashingtonInternational Airport and heading back to Pittsburgh.

I got the chance to hang out with the team at Dent Smart in Missouri and even got to talk about KECO at their annual event. Here are some lessons I learned at the event.

  1. They have set up a unique set of selling propositions for their brand. By creating one-off offers to the shops they service, they have stood out from everyone else.
  2. The other lesson I picked up was the wordings they use. For example, they talk about the body shops as their business partners.

Are you using any unique selling propositions for your business or do you find that you’re doing what everyone else is? If that is the case, you need to look at what you’re doing or can do to separate yourself from the rest of the businesses around you. What can you do to get customers to choose you over your competition?

I will certainly be looking into this and implementing them into Dent Repair Now going forward.

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