Episode 132

By PDRMarketingMinute / February 19, 2020

Keeping your MTE “high” going

During MTE, I, along with so many others get to talk PDR business and meet different people for 3 days. So much so, when you get home, you have ideas flowing and you should let that excitement go on.

One major change after this year’s MTE was that I now include my wife into a lot more than just the book keeping and other boring stuff. She now holds me accountable so that I don’t get too comfortable in what I am doing. You too should have someone hold you accountable so that you keep pushing yourself.

Another useful tip is to always take notes and brainstorm on those projects. This allows you to come back to those notes and move forward with any project that you have. If you don’t have a notebook or a pad, you can use the Notes feature on your mobile phone as it is always on you.

Something most of us take for granted is talking shop with other PDR buddies. You can talk to them every week to ensure that you’re up to date with everything going on around you in the world of PDR.

I am also working on a secret project and if you want to learn more about that, message me directly on Facebook Рon my Gene Fetty page or through my cellphone number. So, keep the energy going and use the information from MTE to  keep building your PDR business.

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