Episode 135

Using Instagram

In today’s episode, we are joined by my daughter, Elena, who also happens to be my Instagram manager. Facebook is all the social media I need, but Instagram has billions of users and your PDR customers are on there as well. Being a visual business, Instagram is perfectly designed for the PDR world.

Elena shares some handy tips on how to properly post content on your Instagram page and how often she posts. We discuss the important points of Instagram and how a post can be used across a number of social media platforms. According to Elena, 2-3 posts a week is more than enough to keep customers aware of your business.

“Use a lot of hashtags” is one of the biggest tips Elena has to offer when it comes to posting on Instagram as well as tagging the city where your PDR business is based. You need to get on Instagram and connect with other technicians in the PDR business. It is easy to connect, talk, and share information with others through Instagram.

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