Episode 136

Live video for your business also www.pdrmarketingminute.com/events/

Following a comment on Facebook, I now have a separate page where you can find all the latest and upcoming PDR events in one place. Check out https://pdrmarketingminute.com/events/ to find out what’s happening around you in the world of PDR. You can also add an event by going to pdrmarketingminute.com/event-listing.

While running the No BS Marketing Meeting, my presentation was based on how to use video in your business. Some of the big names in the PDR industry using video are Jack Bucknell, PDR Peterson, and Mike Toledo.

One thing that did come up during my class was live video so I went live on Facebook as a demonstration. What most of us forget is that the video channels love love streaming. Facebook will actually get your live stream out there for no cost at all which is a great way to market your business.

Unlike before, Facebook now doesn’t get your posts out to everyone you know. Live videos, however, are shared and get out there extremely quickly. Live videos are a good way to ensure that you make some decent cash as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable speaking into a camera. To combat this, Facebook has a setting that allows you to do a live stream, but have it visible only to you before you can share it out with everyone else. It’s a good way to practice and get your face on video.

Another great tip is to have a whiteboard up behind the camera recording you with all the points you want to discuss. You can also use Facebook Live to put out some offers when the market ses to be empty.

You can only use YouTube to do a live stream on your phone if you have more than 1000 subscribers but you can still stream from a laptop. You can also use live streams as content for your YouTube page.

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