Episode 138

Let’s talk about landing pages

It’s almost midnight and we are literally overbooked because the weather has turned. Today’s episode is coming to you from my car as I head home from the shop.

What is a “Landing Page”? As the name describes, it’s a page on your website that attracts traffic and where people can check out your business and services.

Essentially, a landing page takes your customers directly to a page that talks specifically about what you want to advertise. For example, if you want to talk about hail damage, the landing page you would share is “yourwebsite.com/hail damage”.

Any landing page should have a great headline, some information about hail damage, good content, and a call to action button. It should be simple and direct and should lead people to you. You can turn any subject into a landing page which is an amazing way to get your customers what they want faster.

Google also recognizes traffic to a landing page and over time, will reduce the cost of ads if it sees that your content is super relevant. Compared to a website homepage and a website landing page, a landing page will serve you far better. It’s really simple and it can make some big changes in your business.

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