Episode 139

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic inside of your PDR business.

Today’s episode is another one from the road as I keep preparing for the Pittsburgh marathon set to take place in a couple of months.

I have spent all weekend trying to come up with something for you guys as the country is going through complete chaos surrounding the COVID-19 virus. In my opinion, the panic everyone is going through is far bigger a talking point than the virus itself. With businesses shutting down, schools closing, and stock markets crashing everywhere, things are looking quite bad at the moment.

My advice to you is not to panic and know that it will come back to normal. This doesn’t look as bad as what the country went through in 2007-2009 when the financial crisis was at its peak. Quite obviously, car sales are going to drop and retail customers are going to have bigger problems than dents in their cars.

There are two things you can do right now – lay down and take it on the chin or stand strong and work on your business. As PDR technicians, we would often complain about how little we would put into marketing and sales. We’ll, now if you have spare time on your hands, work on that part of your business. Rather than freaking out and panicking, get stuck into work.

If you have videos on your phone that need editing, get in front of the computer and start working on them. Do all the little things you put off because you’re making sure the business is working properly. Take this time to get some stuff done rather than just sit back and panic.

Here’s something for you to do. This episode will be up on the PDRMarketingMinute Facebook page and I want you guys to comment and tell me all the ways you plan on spending your spare time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, if you could head over to the iTunes Store or the podcast app and leave a review for the PDRMarketingMinute show, I would really appreciate it.

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