Episode 141

Self care, ideas to reset your brain and body to come out of the gates fighting!

It’s been one week of complete lockdown and it seems all PDR companies in the country have survived the Coronavirus so far. However, everyone in the country is being affected by this virus – physically, emotionally, financially.

Today’s episode is more of a life quick tip rather than the usual business quick tip. The number one thing to do is to take care of yourself and your family. Although this is a dark time, we have to find things to keep ourselves motivated and active. Melissa and I took a long walk to help clear our heads and focus on other things rather than on Coronavirus.

We also tried turning off the news for a bit and played some board games with the family which helped a lot. Movies and stand-up comedy shows gave us something to smile about as well. Right now, we all need a reset to help us come out of the gates swinging. What do you have in mind during these next few weeks? Let me know through the PDRMarketingMinute Facebook page.

I have a new Facebook group called the Small Business Support Think Tank and recently had a two and a half hour webinar on how you can push through these difficult days and weeks ahead. Coming up on this Tuesday at 8:00 PM is another webinar with a local business owner and other panelists. Check out the live stream from the Small Business Support Think Tank Facebook group.

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