Episode 142

Some tips to help stay positive!

While we are still in the COVID-19 pandemic, it is definitely something we have to work through and come out on top. As mentioned in the previous episode, I hosted a webinar in the Small Business Support Think Tank Facebook group and it was once again, a success. For over an hour and a half we had people talking about their problems and how they are finding solutions to those problems.

Vanessa, one of the people on the webinar, told us that she starts her day with a motivational quote. I found that even the research to find a motivational quote is rather motivational and I think everyone going through a tough time right now should look for something positive to begin their day with.

Kevin, who works in real estate, said that he starts his day by doing his bible work. He takes out 30-40 minutes everyday to work on his faith which is so important right now. Whatever it is, find something positive that will keep you fighting and keep you going.

Melissa just got a book which teaches you how to start your day in the right way. I am going to drop one of my favorite quotes on the PDRMarketingMinute Facebook page now and hope that inspires you to do the same. Let me know what some of your favorite quotes are in the comments.

Unfortunately, this week, we will be shutting down. I have already laid my technicians off as businesses are slowly shutting down everywhere. There is no real sense in coming into work when everyone around you is quarantined or isolated in their homes. Nevertheless, I will be looking for ways to work on my business while we fight this pandemic. In the next few episodes, I will be updating you on what I am doing to keep myself motivated.

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Stay Safe and Stay Well.

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