Episode 143

As I explained in the last episode, we were closing down on Friday, and surprisingly, there was a hail storm on Saturday. So, we had to open up again and get to work.

At the moment, we are trying to figure out how to work hail storms during this lockdown period and the COVID-19 pandemic. But, we are going to push through and make it work.

This week’s action plan is to have a COVID-19 Protocol. That could include a plan to not only keep your customers safe, but also your employees, and yourself safe during this difficult time. These protocols or ideas should also be shared with your customers.

We have implemented a zero-contact hail estimating process now and have also closed the shop to walk-in customers. All other estimates are done online or virtually while all credit card payments are being made over the phone. We are also sanitizing car keys and vehicles, just to keep everything safe to use.

All these protocols are being implemented by us and we have created a separate page on the website to showcase them and share with our customers.

This is when we all need to come together and you should have your COVID-19 protocols ready and sent out to your customers so we can beat this together.

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