Episode 144

3 Landing pages you can create today to start working ON your business.

Because of the hail storm last week, Wednesday’s episode will be pushed back a bit, but I will get an episode out for Wednesday.

Today, we’ll talk about 3 landing pages that you can get ready with for when things go back to normal.

Landing pages are basically dedicated pages on your website that direct your customers to a specific page with specific information and a call to action button.

  1. YourWebsite.com/LeastTurnIn – talks about what your customers can expect, the turnaround time on their cars, or the scheduling they can expect.
  2. YourWebsite.com/Hail something – talks about what your business offers during a hail storm, offers a form to fill out and record their information into your system, and discusses the rundown during a hail storm.
  3. YourWebsite.com/DoorDingRepair – talks about what the business is all about. It should describe what customers should expect or what they can do when they find a door ding.

All these landing pages should have a call to action button that could include “click to text”, “click to call” or even fill a form. The bottom line is that the page should be dedicated to what the customer is searching for.

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