Episode 145

YouTube channel tune up!

In the previous episode, I discussed how you should be working on your business rather than in your business during the COVID-19 shutdown. This week, we have another actionable tip to help your business grow.

You should jump onto your YouTube channel and give it a little tune up. If you still don’t have a YouTube account, you should get it done immediately – all it takes is a Google account. The account should be under your business name rather than your personal name.

If you already have a YouTube account, something you can do is jump in and give your videos catchy titles. Think of something that involves search terms like “Door Ding Repair in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania”. Another thing you can do is have great descriptions for your videos. You should avoid overuse of keywords and make it sound human rather than a robot when writing the descriptions.

Finally, you can also upload a custom made thumbnail. What this does is that it gives your customers an instant recognisable feature and gets them clicking on your videos.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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