Episode 15

By PDRMarketingMinute / November 11, 2016

This week on the PDR Marketing Minute, Gene continues with last week’s topic – YouTube videos and video marketing. Shane and himself hosted an hour and a half long live webinar on the PDR College Community Forum. You can check out that webinar and sign up at PDRCollege.com.

Gene goes on to talk about one of the topics that were briefly mentioned in the webinar and discussed with a few of the members which was all about taking an educational approach to making videos. He says that not all the videos you make need to be about PDR and can explore other areas. Providing tips on how to touch up a chip or polish a scratch are just a few of the examples Gene explains. Videos like these brand you as an expert in the automotive reconditioning field and this draws in more customers or potential customers.

Ending the episode, Gene advises listeners to shoot videos and target their customers with an educational stance. You can head to PDRMarketingMinute.com, sign up, and get Gene’s Review System. You can also catch the next live webinar on the website by signing up now.

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A weekly short style podcast to give you quick tips to improve your paintless dent repair "PDR" business.

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