Episode 20

By PDRMarketingMinute / November 11, 2016

This week, Gene discusses perfect clients and what type of clients are coming to your business. With information like their income, age, gender, their cars, and more, you can advertise better to target your specific customers. A typical client of his has a car that is four years old or newer. He also goes on to explain that he wrongfully thought that he would only get male clients but he does get around 60% male and 40% female clients.


With regards to the income levels, Gene says that his clients fall under the upper middle class and higher. Because PDR is a luxury service, Gene says that you do need clients with some disposable income. In terms of age, you don’t want clients who are younger than 25 years and anything around 30 years is ideal because they start investing in nicer cars. The more information you can get about your clients, the better it will be for you to connect to more clients and market to people with similar attributes.


Check out PDRMarketingMinute.com and sign up for Gene’s Review System for free. You can also register for the Advanced Skills Seminar which will be coming up in a couple of months. Gene ends the episode by saying he will be speaking along with a few other people on Education Day at MTE where you can learn some tips and tricks on how to market your business better.

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