Episode 21

By PDRMarketingMinute / November 16, 2016

On this week’s episode, Gene shares a tip he picked up from a client and has been using to create stronger relationships with his customers. Even though the tip is simple and can be implemented at any time, it works wonders.

So, the client he was dealing with referred Gene to his friend and told him that his friend would send Gene all his information over. The client sent Gene his contact file that contained his first and last name, contact information, business address, fax number, website, email address, and other information. Not only was it enormously helpful, but it was easy to save as well.

Gene explains that many of his customers lose his contact information and because of that, he loses out on a number of jobs. He now has a contact file with his name, website, email address, phone numbers, and more which he can send to a customer and it gets saved on their phone forever. This makes it easy for your customers to get back to you when they need your services in the future. You can get the Review System by heading to PDRMarketingMinute.com and signing up with your name and email address.

Gene goes on to say that there are available spots for the Advanced Skills Seminar in Florida. He explains that Keith and Shane will be there sharing their knowledge and you should not be missing out. If you are not sure about it, Gene encourages you to reach out to him or other people who have attended previous years and learn more about what the seminar can offer you and your business. He also talks about an upcoming video course that his email list will learn about first, so sign up today to learn more. PDR Marketing Minute is also now live in a podcast format and is available on iTunes.

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