Episode 29

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 11, 2017

On this week’s episode of the PDR Marketing Minute, Gene talks about some important practices for marketing through Facebook. To start things, you need to have a Facebook page because your customers are on there. It is also important to remember to have a business page and not a regular account. Another tip shared by Gene is to post on that page regularly. Anything between 3-5 posts a week should help your page get some positive results. He also advises not to post more than once a day.

Next, Gene says that making the posts educational helps a lot. Sharing “Before and After” posts are a great way to educate your customers on the services you offer. You can even get on Facebook and write a couple of posts and schedule them to get uploaded when you want so you don’t have to be near your computer to upload a new post.

Gene goes on to talk about the upcoming Advanced Skills Seminar in Orlando and MTE and says that he will be speaking at the seminar on the third day. He explains that on Thursday afternoon, himself, Dave Streen, and Kip Brooks will be doing a presentation on how to market your PDR business through PDR Nation for about an hour. He also talks about last nights free video marketing webinar which led to the launch of The PDR Video Course.

You can head to PDRMarketingMinute.com to sign up to Gene’s email list and get his Review System. Also, check out ThePDRVideoCourse.com and sign up there as well. The webinar replay will be out and contains 2 hours of insightful information. Danny Espinal, Shane Jacks, and Brice Kelly shared their tips and tricks for marketing with video on the webinar as well and can help you expand your business.

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