Episode 3

By PDRMarketingMinute / November 2, 2016

In this episode of the PDR Marketing Minute, Gene continues with his checklist for retail marketing and talks about the Google My Business listing. These listings are the results that pop up when you search for something along with Maps and other information. Creating a My Business listing is free and all you have to do is visit Google.com/Business and follow the simple instructions.

Gene says that it is best to put in as much information as you can into the listing which will help your potential customers find you better. He says that you should put in an address even if you are a mobile service because Google verifies the listing by sending you a postcard to the location. He goes on to says that your phone number and website should be correctly mentioned as well.

Next, you should have your working days and hours mentioned as well. You should add photos to your listing as well which lets people find you through image searches. Lastly, Gene says that you should verify your listing after receiving the postcard and turn on reviews to help customers review your services.

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