Episode 30

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 18, 2017

Gene begins this episode by talking about the upcoming MTE Advanced Skills Seminar which is set to kick off on Monday. He encourages listeners that are attending the seminar to approach him and discuss their business plans or to just have a conversation.

Last week was all about tips and tricks to use on Facebook to market your business. This week, Gene discusses how and what to post on Facebook and ultimately get people to visit your website. Creating and uploading short, educational blog posts on your website is key to getting the attention of customers. Then, you can get on Facebook and write a short statement directing people to the blog on your website.

Gene goes on to talk about the video course that he launched last week and his VIP list. He also says that the course is now open to the PDR Marketing Minute fans. To learn more, you can check it out at LocalMarketDominationWithVideo.com or ThePDRVideoCourse.com. There are some short videos explaining the course which are extremely helpful. The course will help you gain new customers through powerful video content.

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