Episode 31

By PDRMarketingMinute / January 25, 2017

On this week’s episode, Gene explains that the episode was recorded before the MTE Seminar but will be released a week after. He goes on to say that he hopes everyone who attended the seminar learned something and picked up some tips and tricks on marketing their business.

In last week’s episode, Gene discussed blog posts on your websites along with a summary of it on Facebook. This will bring more customers to your website. He goes on to share a strategy for creating content which can be shared across various platforms.

The strategy he describes is to get your video up on YouTube along with the required tags and description. Then, create a short blog on your website that isn’t too different from the video description and embed your YouTube video within the blog. After doing that, you can take that blog post to your Facebook page and upload it there along with the video. In this way, a single video and blog can reach potential customers on Facebook, YouTube, and directly from your website.

Check out ThePDRVideoCourse.com to learn how to make, edit, and share videos using your smartphone or tablet. You can even email your questions in at Gene@PDRMarketingMinute.com or Gene@ThePDRVideoCourse.com. You can also reach out to Gene through his Facebook page.

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