Episode 33

By PDRMarketingMinute / February 22, 2017

This week, Gene talks to us about basic offline marketing ideas. Having seen a conversation on Facebook about flyers, Gene says that if the other methods of marketing are working for you, it’s best to stay away from the hardcore basic method of flyers. For those who do have a little free time and are looking for customers, getting your flyers out is a great way to generate new business opportunities.

Gene talks about getting your flyers out to automotive businesses, any type of professional service business, and just about anywhere you might gain some new business. Local mechanics are the best place to put your flyers up but new car shops will also go a long way to increase your business. Gene also says you should approach your dealerships and get some flyers or information about your business in there. He even has his business card pinned in his local pizza joint. Gene says you can get your flyers or business cards up anywhere including local car washes. There should be nothing stopping you from reaching out to potential customers through flyers, business cards, or any form of printed information.

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