Episode 34

On this week’s episode, Gene talks to us about websites and more specifically, the home page of a website. The home page is the most important part of a website because it is the first thing people see.

Gene discusses websites that have lengthy descriptions about the technician or images of collision-damaged vehicles on the home page which are not the best way to go. He believes that the home page should be simple and offer the customers the information they are looking for. He goes on to say that your home page should pass the “caveman test” wherein even a caveman should understand what your business is about in under 5 seconds.

A clean and bright ‘before and after’ picture along with a simple to read headline is more than enough to grab your customer’s attention. On the top right corner, where the eyes naturally land, Gene advises you place your phone number on a click-to-call button. The number should also be a different color that isn’t found on the website. Keeping the website clean and simple is the best way to have your customers know what you offer and let’s them get back to you easily.

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