Episode 40

This week, Gene continues his discussion on marketing local hail storms. He talks about a couple of car repair videos he made this week.

The first video was of a car that was being repaired by a wholesale account. The technician ruined a number of the cars panels, drilled holes and didn’t plug them, and completely damaged the car. Gene took the educational route and made a video that showed what an unqualified PDR technician can do to your vehicle. At the end of the video, Gene advises customers to choose the local PDR company which does an excellent job.

For the second video, Gene had a white GMC Terrain to work on and finding damage on it was rather difficult, both outdoors and indoors under shop lights. Once again, taking the educational approach, Gene showed the cars hood with only the shop lights overhead and the damage marked out. Then the Pro PDR Fathead was used to show all the damaged areas where customers could get a better look at it.

Gene goes on to say that the car came in with a $1900 estimate from the insurance company which was extremely low given the fact that the damage couldn’t be seen outside. The estimate put forward by Gene was around $5000 based on a professionals examination. He then advises listeners to educate their clients because that shows them you are a professional.

To sign up and learn how to make videos using your smartphone or tablet, head to ThePDRVideoCourse.com. You can also sign up to the email list and get Gene’s Review System at PDRMarketingMinute.com.

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