Episode 41

This week on the PDR Marketing Minute, Gene continues his talk on marketing for local hail storm and emphasizes the importance of being prepared. He explains that you should not wait for the storm to hit to start working on your marketing. Always be prepared before the storm so you can always market yourself before anyone else. You should be making videos and reaching out to body shops around you to let them know that you will be available if a hail storm happens to hit. Also have all your paperwork in order so you are not falling behind.

Gene also talks about how you should be talking to managers and telling them that if a hail storm hits, you have the contacts, networks, and team to handle any situation that arises. If you haven’t faced a hail storm before or service an area that rarely sees a hail storm, you should always be prepared before it happens. There are always ways to be more efficient and productive. Gene then talks about Shane’s podcast which describes him having everything ready to respond to a hail storm and his clients whenever it hits. It is also important to let your customers or potential customers know that you can handle their issues when the time comes.

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