Episode 42

Gene continues with the local hail storm marketing series this week on PDR Marketing Minute. Today he talks about using Google AdWords and Facebook to send out some targeted ads. He also discusses a new storm map from InteractiveHailMaps.com. The maps let you see details on hail storms including the duration of the storm, the intensity of hail, and size of the hailstones.

He goes on to say that his company will be posting localized ads on Facebook in these hail affected areas where customers will be looking for PDR repair work. To get these interactive maps, you would have to pay around $200 for a single map, an entire state would cost around $600 for a year, and a subscription for the entire country would be around $1300 for a year. Using these tools, Gene explains that he can post his ads to specific areas that would be in need for PDR repair.

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