Episode 43

This week on the PDR Marketing Minute, Gene Fetty continues with the Marketing to the Local Hail Storm series and gives us some theories as to why he is marketing the way he is. On last week’s episode, Gene discussed interactive hail maps which help you target specific areas where you wish to advertise and market your business. Using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, Gene was able to market his business quite successfully.

Gene goes on to explain the differences between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Google is significantly more costlier than Facebook when it comes to advertising. While Google works well for those people looking for your services, Facebook is great for educating people who don’t necessarily know about your business. Gene estimates it costs about $5 per click on Google for hail related searches whereas on Facebook, the same search costs about $1 or less.

Another difference is that you would have to wait for someone to search for hail-related terms in your specific area to get a click whereas, with Facebook and interactive hail maps, you can place a pin in the area where you want your services to be seen and advertise within a mile around it. Gene goes on to say that he will be using both methods to reach out to a wider audience as well as smaller specific regions and see which one works better. He also advises to always stay connected when using Google AdWords and log in at least once a month.

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