Episode 44

On this week’s episode of PDR Marketing Minute, Gene talks to us about video testimonials and how important they are for your business. He begins by describing his fondness for reviews and testimonials and believes that they are the best way a customer can show his or her satisfaction with your service.

He then goes on to talk about how he was away on a hail damage repair job and the last thing he did there was to get the person he was working for two video reviews from his customers. He also talks about how video reviews are a lot more powerful than written ones and cannot be faked like the written reviews. When a customer you have fixed a car for talks about and describes the repair on video, it helps your boost the social proof of your business.

Gene explains that one review is being used as a Facebook post and was shared by the customer which brought a lot of attention to the business. Getting a video review is simple and all you have to do is ask the customer, says Gene. He also advises to get the customer to narrate the story of how the dent occurred, what was the process of choosing the technician, and how the repair was carried out. By simply using the camera and mic on your smartphone, you can create a great video review within minutes.

To get more information, head over to PDRMarketingMinute.com and get Gene’s Review System by signing up to his email list. To learn how to make stunning videos on your smartphone or tablet, head to ThePDRVideoCourse.com and sign up for under $100 today.

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