Episode 46

On this week’s episode of PDR Marketing Minute, Gene discusses a couple of long term strategies which will help build your business over the years. He says that after listening to Keith on the PDR College Podcast, it seems as though it would take about 5 years to start getting some repeated clients. Gene explains that it would make sense because when people buy a new car, they take care of it more. But after a certain amount of time, they care a little less about it.

He talks about how easy it is for a client to misplace your contact details or forget about your services. It is important to make it easy for your clients to be able to reach out to you, rather than have them rely of finding you online all over again. Over the coming weeks, Gene will be walking us through some of the ideas he has implemented in his business to help his clients remember him.

The first tip he discusses is creating a contact for yourself on your phone which should include your full name, business name, website address, phone number, email, and even a picture of your logo. You can send this contact file to your customers when they ask for a business card which will be saved on their phone forever. So, next time they need dent repair, they can just go in their phone and search for ‘dent’ and find your details.

You can head to PDRMarketingMinute.com and sign up for the email list and receive the Building System free of charge. You can also check out ThePDRVideoCourse.com and learn some great tips and tricks for making videos on your smartphone or tablet.

Gene then talks about how his business, Dent Repair Now, is in the process of finding a new technician. The position will be a mix of retail and wholesale and will not be easy to get on. Some of the hoops candidates will need to jump through are you will have to email Gene at Gene@DentRepairNow.com with the subject reading “I’m Looking for Work” while in the body, you should introduce yourself, share your experience in the industry, and explain why you want to work in Dent Repair Now.

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A weekly short style podcast to give you quick tips to improve your paintless dent repair "PDR" business.

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