Episode 47

This week on the PDR Marketing Minute Podcast, Gene discusses the hail stone marketing which was talked about a few episodes ago. The man who worked with him was quite overwhelmed at the beginning of the storm, but Gene acknowledges that they didn’t roll as hard as they should have. Now, they are running a few ads.

The approach on the ad Gene discusses today is an informative video based on hail repair. It talks about what it is, how it works, and how it gives the clients a feeling of assurance when they choose us. Gene goes on to say that a number of people have been making videos similar to this and sharing them on Facebook. Tim Stuart, Paul Corden, and Jack Bucknell are just some of the names that feature these videos. Gene ran that video on a Facebook ad where the call to action button was replaced with a click to call button. They have received 15-20 calls through that button already and all under $75. Gene explains that if they reach 25 calls for $75, it would work out to $3 a call which is excellent.

That is how powerful the educational or client assistance approach is, especially when Facebook advertising is so cheap. Gene advises listeners to get out and make videos or to visit ThePDRVideoCourse.com to learn some great tips to make videos using a smartphone or tablet. He also says that you should have your video ready to roll out in case of a hail storm or should be rolled out if your area has already experienced a hail storm. You can sign up to the email list at PDRMarketingMinute.com and get Gene’s Review System.

Lastly, Gene let’s listeners know that his business, Dent Repair Now, is looking for a new technician and require more applicants. If you are interested, email Gene at Gene@DentRepairNow.com. Write “I’m Looking for Work” in the subject area and in the body, you should write a couple of paragraphs about yourself and why you want to work in Dent Repair Now. Gene ends the podcast by announcing that his right hand guy, Louie ranked in the top 10 on the PDR College Seven Day Sales Challenge.

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