Episode 49

This week, Gene begins the episode by apologizing for being absent from the PDR College podcast for the last couple of weeks. He reminds listeners that the PDR Marketing Minute Podcast is available on iTunes. The PDR College Podcast comes out on Mondays and that show is then released on iTunes on Wednesdays. Gene advises people to subscribe and catch up on the great marketing tips.

For this week’s episode, Gene revisits reviews. He says Word of Mouth and Social Proof are two of the best ways to market yourself. These methods work so well because your customers can talk about you and your services better that you can. Because you can actually check out reviews left by people and view these people’s online profiles, it makes it even more believable.

Getting reviews from customers is vital for your business to grow. If you feel like you need help with getting reviews for your business, Gene advises listeners to sign up to his free course on PDRMarketingMinute.com. Sign up for the email list and a link to the course will automatically be sent over for download.

After getting a few reviews, Gene says that they can be used to make Facebook posts that will run inside ads. This also builds your credibility with your customers. He also says that more than 80% of customer’s first check reviews before buying anything. Reviews are extremely powerful and should be used to market your business. Sign up for the Review System at PDRMarketingMinute.com or learn how to make excellent videos on your smartphone or tablet by signing up at ThePDRVideoCourse.com for under $100.

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A weekly short style podcast to give you quick tips to improve your paintless dent repair "PDR" business.

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