Episode 53

On the episode today, Gene talks about what you should be posting on social media. He also talks about Shane’s social media manager and what he has been doing to engage with customers more. Rather than posting the regular “Before and After” content or sharing reviews online, Gene says it would be better to interact with customers. Shane’s manager had been creating “What’s Going on in Greenville” type posts to help viewers understand and learn more about their local businesses.

After Gene saw this, he emailed Chelsea and wanted to post “What’s Going on in Pittsburgh” type posts. He advises not to actually post original content, but share pages from local communities such as Motorcycle Bike Nights or Car Shows. The important thing to remember is to interact and share relevant and local content. This will let customers know that you are aware of what’s happening in your community. This is a simple, yet ingenious way to create new posts on your page.

Gene ends the episode by asking listeners to sign up to his email list at PDRMarketingMinute.com and get his review system through which they can get more reviews and more jobs. If you are interested in making videos using your smartphone or tablet, you can sign up at ThePDRVideoCourse.com and get some great tips and tricks on how to create spectacular videos.

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