Episode 58

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

Today on PDR Marketing Minute, Gene Fetty discusses a new option that was rolled out on the Google My Business listing called Chat. The new feature allows people to message you directly from the listing. Gene explains that there two main advantages to this feature.

Number one is that it removes a barrier for a customer trying to contact your business. Now, the customer doesn’t need to leave the website and look for another way to get in touch. Everything can be done through the listing itself. The second advantage is that the messages are traceable which means all the messages will go through Google and then pop up on your phone. What this does is you will be able to check the traffic coming in from Google and work accordingly. It will show you whether you need to increase or decrease your AdWords spending as well.

The more data you have, the better you can understand how your business is running. To activate this feature, you have to go to your Google My Business listing and turn on the Chat option and have a number that can send and receive texts.

Gene concludes this episode by informing the listeners that the registration for the PDR Video Course will be closed on the coming Friday. If you wish to sign up, you can visit ThePDRVideoCourse.com. It costs $97 at the moment, but will increase when it goes live again because new content and features will be added. Sign up to Gene’s email list at PDRMarketingMinute.com and get his Review System to increase your reviews on your business.

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