Episode 60

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

On this episode of PDR Marketing Minute, Gene talks to us about websites and how important it is to have them updated. For starters, he strongly advises listeners who don’t have a website to immediately get one for their business. He then goes on to discuss the importance of making your website a mobile friendly one. A mobile friendly website is one which scales down to fit onto a smartphone or tablet screen.

Gene then talks about how earlier, websites wouldn’t scale down or even fit on phone screens because it wasn’t really necessary. There was, however, an option to have secondary website that would sit on top of the regular website when viewed from a mobile device. He would use a “.mobi” extension on his website earlier but it was never as responsive. Gene also discusses how Google takes away some points if you don’t have a mobile friendly website or a mobile responsive website. In this day and age, where almost everything is done through mobile devices, it is necessary to update your website.

Gene then talks about Nathan Pizzo, who is a web designer who works closely with PDR businesses and does some amazing work. He also advises listeners to get hold of their web designers to help update their websites. If you don’t have a designer ready, Gene encourages you to get in touch with him and he and Dave Streen will find a way to help. With over 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices, Gene stresses how important a mobile friendly website is today.

Ending the episode, Gene directs listeners to PDRMarketingMinute.com to learn more about the business and different tactics for marketing. You can even sign up to the email list and get Gene’s Review System for no cost.

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