Episode 64

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

On today’s episode, Gene talks about having a plan for your PDR business and taking action to help your business grow. He discusses how Jack Bucknell had taken his challenge from the 2017 Advanced Skills Seminar and worked on it and how far he has reached today. Jack was on the College Podcast and talking about his booming business just a few weeks ago and spoke about how he made a plan and followed it strictly which gave him his success.

Gene further talks about how his company is also moving forward by implementing more marketing ideas into his business plans. He advises listeners to sit back and see where their businesses are at and if they have their basics covered. He talks about having a website set up, starting a YouTube channel, creating a Facebook page, and a Yelp listing. Apart from those four, what else can you do to boost your business?

He also discusses the video series Shane is creating and releasing based on the various myths of PDR. Gene is also working on a series involving whole car care and advises listeners to take just half an hour a week to make a plan on how they should be marketing themselves and their business.

Lastly, Gene talks about the Advanced Skills Seminar and MTE 2018 that is coming up in a few months. He says there will be a lot of speakers including himself and Myke Toledo. He encourages listeners to make the small investment and attend the seminar. It is a great opportunity to expand your business. To learn more about the seminar, visit PDRMarketingMinute.com, sign up to the email list, and get the Review System for free. Or email Gene at PDRMarketingMinute@gmail.com and ask your questions there.

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