Episode 68

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

Today on PDR Marketing Minute, Gene continues with his Basic Marketing Needs with an in-depth look at Yelp. He also talks about how he took a break last week from the podcasts and decided to do a live Q&A on Facebook. If you missed the Q&A, you can check it out by searching for PDR Marketing Minute on Facebook. It covered more than an hour and surrounded a number of topics including creating a website, a Google My Business listing, and a Facebook page.

This week is all about Yelp and how important it really is to have your business listed on Yelp. Considered as an important source by Google, Yelp helped Gene reach the first page of Google within 48 hours. He further talks about Keith and Sal and how Yelp has helped them get a lot of business as well as reviews. Creating a Yelp account is similar to creating a Google My Business listing. You will need to enter your name, phone number, address, and business hours. The information you enter should be consistent throughout all your social media accounts. Gene explains that if you are mobile, it is best to mention your service area or if you have a dedicated shop, the address should be correct.

You should also upload photographs and ensure that your website link is correctly entered. If you are looking for reviews, Gene advises listeners to ask active Yelp users to leave reviews as Yelp removes any review from inactive users. Gene then thanks Charlie Melina for teaching him a simple hack to retain the best reviews. He explains that it is best to take a screenshot of every review and then upload it to your Yelp listing. Gene does warn listeners that once signed up, Yelp’s advertising team will try to reach out to invest in some advertising. If you’re not interested, he says that you should think of excuses to get off the phone. Gene ends this week’s episode by asking listeners to visit PDRMarketingMinute.com and sign up for his email list which will automatically send his Review System to your inbox which will teach you how to get more and better reviews.

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