Episode 70

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

This week’s episode continues with Gene’s Basic Marketing Needs. While last week, he discussed his least favorite topics – Yelp, this week he talks about one of his most favorite topics – YouTube which he considers as the best way to market. Gene explains how important it is to create a channel and link it with your Google My Business account. It should be tied together under the same Google account.

He further goes into what type of content you should post by advising listeners to avoid posting boring content. Along with that, he says not to have music playing in the background when recording a video. In terms of PDR repairs, Gene says long before and after videos should be avoided. The videos uploaded should be educational for your customers. Another important thing to remember when creating videos is to show your face and engage with the viewers. If you can create videos with the perfect balance of education and fun, your channel will do well.

Looking at an example, Gene turns to Bryce Kelly’s video where he explains how to remove a dent that lies through the body line of the vehicle. If you implement this in your videos, you will be able to create educational videos with every repair job you receive. One of the most important factors that help make your channel a success is interaction. Share your videos, comment on other PDR videos, and create a community. Because YouTube is owned by Google, posting and interacting on YouTube can get you on the first page of Google. If your content is powerful enough, your videos can outrank websites on Google and get you to the first page.

Gene explains that PDR is all about visual work and therefore videos are the best way to market a business or service. And when it comes to videos, YouTube is the best. Posting on Facebook can also help, but is not as potent. Finally, he speaks about a special project that will be announced in the coming weeks. He will be selecting a few people to work with personally to help their PDR business grow. There are only a few spots open and to join, listeners can head to PDRMarketingMinute.com for details or join the mailing list.

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