Episode 73

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

On this week’s episode, Gene talks about how a success story that took place at the Advanced Skills Seminar. He begins by saying he had been out of the groove with the PDR College Podcasts not going out and being away since MTE.

Going back to the main topic, Gene discusses the seminar and his talks on video and their benefits. He tells us about a gentleman who had been messaging him before the seminar and had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. He was extremely interested in what Gene had to say about video and how simple it was to use a smartphone to create amazing video content. At the seminar, Gene offered the guests specials on his video making course and this gentleman was ready to sign up. He even put a video together and showed it to Gene. Unfortunately, he didn’t go through the entire course, especially the ‘how to hold your phone’ part. His video was shot in selfie mode and he held his phone up and down. Gene further explains that the gentleman signed up for the package that came with edits but he didn’t charge him for the edit he carried out on his video. Gene also advised the man to get another course done and create his videos the right way.

After returning his video, he posted it online to create awareness for his company. The video was a rather simple one where he repaired a 3-inch dent on the hood of a Dodge Ram and showcased the ‘before and after’ work. Within just a few days, he received a repair job that was worth $400. Gene then talks about how video is powerful and can help you make money. He says there are 2 important things that you can take away from this story. One is that you need to take action when needed like the gentleman did at the seminar. And two is that video is the way to go when it comes to advertising your business. He says the best way to market your business is through video and discusses an episode of the PDR College Podcast where Shane talks about how video works.

Lastly, Gene announces that the PDR Video Course is once again opened and listeners can sign up at THEPDRVIDEOCOURSE.COM where they will find a few packages to choose from. They can also check out the sales video that features Jack Bucknell and his expertise in the industry. Gene signs off this week by telling listeners to create video and upload it to YouTube and blogs for outstanding results.

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