Episode 74

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

This week on PDR Marketing Minute, Gene gets a wakeup call – both literally and figuratively. He receives a call in the morning from a company that claimed to have had the top position on Google in terms of “Dent Repair Pittsburgh”. At first, Gene dismisses it as he was quietly confident that he retained the top spot and had been doing so for the last 4-5 years or so. Unfortunately, when he did check up on Google, he did find that he had been dethroned by this new company. He further talks about how he had noticed this website a few weeks ago, but was not overly concerned as it appeared on page 2, and very rarely at the bottom of page 1 on Google.

Immediately, Gene gets his SEO team working on the case to try and figure out how his position was lost overnight. He explains that the website that did take his place was not actually a PDR company, but a lead generation company. They got in touch with him because they were looking to sell the calls they were receiving for their number 1 position.

After getting this wake up call, Gene discusses what you need to do to retain your top spot on Google. He advises listeners to always stay consistent and push out as much quality content as they possibly can to keep customers informed. It also stops your search engine ranking from dropping. Gene goes on to say that he took it a little too easy because he had the top position for quite a long time and didn’t think anyone would actually compete for it. Finally, he encourages listeners to stay alert to upcoming web pages on page 2 or 3 of Google. Check out those websites and read their content to see whether they are PDR companies or lead generation websites. He ends the episode by telling listeners to focus on SEO and create newer, fresher content.

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