Episode 75

By PDRMarketingMinute / October 2, 2018

This week, Gene Fetty talks about how he was removed from his number 1 position last week and how his team was planning on getting back that position. He explains that the SEO team came back with a report about a new lead generation website that carried out an SEO attack on keywords “dent repair Pittsburgh”. The website targeted that search term and when Google did an algorithm update, they found out that the entire website only talked about dent repair in Pittsburgh. Gene expresses his disappointment in getting removed from the top spot but isn’t worried as his team will be putting in a heavier SEO campaign. He tells listeners to act immediately when they spot new competition in the area.

Gene further talks about AdWords and the conversation he had with a representative from AdWords for about an hour. They discussed a few changes and specifically about getting more real estate with the existing Google Ad Listings. He goes further to explain that the method in which they serve search results significantly reduced Gene’s real estate online. Thankfully, the hour-long conversation with the rep will turn things around and help him compete with this new website. He talks about how they have scheduled another call to discuss video ads and how the next week’s show will be based on video ads through YouTube. He ends the podcast by encouraging listeners to check for competitors around, target big SEO campaigns, and work on your AdWords accounts to retain the number 1 position.

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